Toddler: 18 months – 36 months

The classroom is designed for the comfort of very young children and supports their growing sense of independence and their natural curiosity. Children also begin to learn how to establish social relationships and how to meet problems when they arise.

Primary: 3 – 6 years (includes Kindergarten)

These “learning communities” emphasize cooperation and peaceful conflict resolution. They help children grow in confidence and competence, engaged in exciting hands-on activities designed to develop their powers of observation, physical coordination, concentration, and organization.

Lower Elementary: 6 – 9 years (First – Third Grades)

Children learn to be responsible, respectful members of their classroom families and to celebrate both individual and group accomplishment. Standardized testing is introduced in 3rd grade. They also acquire sound skills in writing and research, critical reading and thinking, and effective work habits.

Upper Elementary: 9 – 13 years (Fourth – Sixth Grades)

A more structured academic curriculum covers a wide range of interests and abilities up through the oldest and most accelerated students in the class. Assessment and testing are “built into” daily lessons. To reach their full potential, students gain an integrated knowledge of science and technology, history, the arts, mathematics, literature, economics, politics, and world culture.  Click here to read more about our unique Upper Elementary classes!

Aftercare: all ages

Before and after school care is offered as a service to families of our Toddler, Primary and Elementary students.

  • Before School (Starting at 7:30 am) – Supervised care is available before school beginning at 7:30 at a cost of $8.00 per hour. There is no charge for students with siblings who have a different start time nor for students brought by school bus.
  • After School (Until 5:30 pm) – Supervised care is available from afternoon dismissal until 5:30. Parents may choose to be billed at an hourly rate or a flat rate for regular use of afternoon care. Time is spent both indoors and on our playground, weather permitting. This is a supervised program with time for independent play, homework, or projects of interest.