The mission statement of Wyoming Valley Montessori School is “Inspiring children who will change the world.”  The School, together with its families, builds the foundation for a lifetime of learning.  We do this by providing a respectful Montessori environment that supports children’s natural desire to learn, guiding them to fulfill their potential for intellectual, social, and ethical development. 

About Our School

Thank you for your interest in Wyoming Valley Montessori School. We hope you enjoy your tour of our website. At WVMS, we have many fine offerings and an exceptional staff. Teachers here recognize and respect the students as unique individuals. The children, in turn, see their work as meaningful and interesting and know their teachers want them to succeed. Children’s success here is not limited to academic mastery. Because children “create themselves” through purposeful activity and interactions, they learn both through the exploration of carefully chosen materials and from experiences that help stimulate self-confidence and self-discipline. Their classrooms are beautiful, inviting spaces in which children learn to care for themselves and care about others and the world in which they live.

Montessori schools take as inspiration one of Dr. Maria Montessori’s better known quotations, “Follow the child.” What does this mean? Do we let the child lead us? No. To “follow the child” means that we carefully watch, listen, and learn from each child as each new developmental milestone is reached. In this way we may know when the child is ready to build upon existing knowledge, ready for new challenges and new goals. The Montessori teacher is prepared to “follow” the student by offering pathways to these new intellectual & emotional territories ready to be discovered so that the child maintains inner curiosity and motivation to continue learning.

Here at Wyoming Valley Montessori School, we look forward to working together with you and sharing in your child’s growth and education.

Why Children Love Montessori

Children Love To Learn Here

Children spend each day with enthusiastic fellow students and creative, dedicated teachers. Children learn at their own pace with lots of encouragement and engaging materials. Their classroom is a place of beauty, simplicity, and order. They know that we care about them and respect them, and they want to come to school.

Children Learn Actively Here

They’re excited about their work because Montessori gives them so many ways to discover and explore their world. Our curriculum is challenging to the most able student and flexible enough to address many learning styles. It encourages children to see connections in their knowledge, to ask questions, and create new ideas.

Children Join a Family Here

Students say they feel at home here. Our teachers have a lot to do with that. Trained to observe and respond to the intellectual, social, and emotional needs of the “whole child,” they foster the growth of their students’ sense of self-worth and confidence. They help children reason, cooperate, and care. We also recognize that parents, children’s most important teachers, are an integral part of the school community. Children benefit from strong home-school partnerships.

Children Build Their Futures Here

A Montessori education enables children to feel positive toward learning, toward themselves, and toward others. Our goal is the development of confident, motivated, lifelong learners. Our graduates make smooth transitions to other systems of education and do well in their academic careers. We are now welcoming our second generation of students, the children of our earliest graduates.

More About Montessori

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