WVMS is participating in a collection for the Back Mountain Ugly Quilters. This group meets on Wednesday mornings at the Dallas United Methodist Church for the purpose of assembling fabrics for sleeping bag rolls for the homeless.

They are currently looking for a donation of materials needed to complete the sleeping bag roll.  Materials include: mattress pads, blankets, quilts, bath or beach towels, shower curtains, sheets, pillowcases, bedspreads, tablecloths, lined or unlined drapes and men’s neckties. The items may be worn, need patches or even have permanent stains on them.

FYI – They use three layers to form the sleeping bag roll. The outer layer is a sturdy fabric such as drapery fabric or denim. The middle layer is for warmth. This filler can be old blankets, quilts, towels or mattress pads. The inner layer closest to the body is a lighter weight fabric such as sheets or light weight cotton or polyester fabrics. The assembled rolls are firmly secured with men’s neckties.

WVMS will be collecting these materials for the Back Mountain Ugly Quilters from December 2nd-9th. A box is currently in the Great Room.  Please feel free to drop off any of the above items.