Students of the Wyoming Valley Montessori School recently visited the Fire Safety House hosted by the Kingston Fire Department as a part of their community safety program. The students received instructions on how to react if they come in contact with a fire and how to prevent fires. Participants, from left, first row: William Filali, Wilkes-Barre; Nathan Kile, Shavertown; Ivana Kumar, Wilkes-Barre; Annabel Dobash, Mountain Top; Zachary Kile, Shavertown; Danielle Harris, Mountain Top; Ally Scharrer, Wilkes-Barre; Daniel Jones, Trucksville; Corben Morrison, Kingston; and Toby Scharrer, Wilkes-Barre. Second row: Chloe Orfanella, Kingston; Sophia Filali, Wilkes-Barre; Lexi Kostoff, Moosic; Remedy Allport, Nanticoke; Yousef Ramaden, Kingston; Zaiden Kaminsky, Mountain Top; Trisha Kumar, Wilkes-Barre; Eliana Parra, Wyoming; Jason Piavis, Mountain Top; and Jacob Kristeller, Shavertown. Third row: Kara Taylor, head teacher; Paul Klecha, fire safety instructor and Kingston firefighter; and Kim Dolhan, teacher.

~The Times Leader; January 6, 2013